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 In-depth information for older students and adults        Quick reference with rich media for middle school and higher Encyclopedia articles written for middle school students  
 Like World Book Student but with advanced interface and more sophisticated search options     Comprehensive encyclopedia for Spanish speakers and Spanish-language students  

Social Studies

State-by-state history and current events for elementary and middle schools    An encyclopedia of countries, culture, and current events for middle and high schools Reference and current events for elementary school and higher  
 Investigates the people, events, and stories of our nation's evolution, from the explorers to today Includes everyday details about past eras that make historical accounts relevant and meaningful  Understanding how society shapes and is shaped by controversy, providing information on today's most important issues
 Comprehensive information and insights into the military conflicts that have defined our world's identity Focuses on the geographic, political, social, economic and cultural forces that are increasingly important in our world  Covering history from the Renaissance to today, with articles, biographies, primary sources, maps, and audio and visual clips  
Over 6,000 social studies titles available In-depth investigations of today's top issues Articles giving both sides of prominent debates in American history  
 Information on the structure and function of the U.S. government and its everyday role in the lives of citizens Biographies, primary sources, timelines, images & videos, and maps & charts relating to ancient & medieval history    Perspectives on international news and events
Company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, company histories, chronologies and periodicals  In-depth reports on over 200 countries Access to primary sources, including speeches, poems, interviews, and documents  
Explores the historical context and consequences of 30 defining moments in US history.     


 Science and technology, plus science in the news for middle and high schools Science news written for students    Over 1,000 peer-reviewed journals, providing the information needed to stay current on the latest scientific developments
 Global Reference on the Environment, Energy, and Natural Resources    


National and international news 100% full text; includes over 600 titles  The New York Times from 1851 to 2006

Images and Maps

 24/7 access to over 4.6 million photographs dating back to 1826; tens of thousands of graphics; and over 4500 hours of audio   24/7 access to over 3 million images Over 4,000 viewable and printable history, thematic, reference, outline current events and animated maps

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