Heathcote PTA Lunch Program 2014-15
For all grades, we offer the following selections:
  • Mondays - Pasta Plus from Italian Village
  • Choice of one of the following:
    --Penne Pasta prepared with butter
    --Penne Pasta with meatballs (pasta in marinara sauce topped with meatballs
    *Both of the above are accompanied by a side of parmesan cheese

  • Tuesdays - New Day! Pizza from Italian Village
  • Students can enjoy one, two or three slices of cheese pizza

  • Wednesdays - New! Chinese Food from Pagoda
  • Choice of one of the following (Rice/Noodles alternates each week):
    --Vegetable Fried Rice/Vegetable Fried Noodles
    --Sesame Chicken and Steamed Broccoli with Vegetable Fried Rice/Vegetable Fried Noodles
    --Beef and Broccoli with Vegetable Fried Rice/Vegetable Fried Noodles

    *Ingredients of fried rice: white rice, carrot, snow peas, onion, shredded nappa (Chinese) cabbage, bean sprouts, egg, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and vegetable oil.

    *Ingredients of vegetable fried noodles: egg noodles, carrot, snow peas, shredded nappa (Chinese) cabbage, bean sprouts, soy sauce, sugar, vinegar and vegetable oil.
    *Ingredients of sesame chicken: white meat chicken, potato flour, soy sauce, sugar, vegetable oil, (there are no actual sesame seeds in this dish).
    *Ingredients of beef with broccoli: beef, broccoli, carrot, soy sauce, cornstarch, sugar, vegetable oil.

  • Thursdays - New! Chicken Specialties from Italian Village
  • Choice of one of the following:
    --Chicken Tenders (made in-house)
    --Chicken Parmesan Hero
    --Chicken Caesar Salad

  • Fridays - New! Bagels from Sammy's Bagels
  • Choice of Bagel with Butter, Cream Cheese or Jam/Jelly

*We will offer students a tasting of the Chinese food from Pagoda Restaurant during lunch prior to the close of SchoolPay (the date will be announced shortly). Also, upon request, Pagoda will offer 15% off the dishes offered for Heathcote Lunch. Make sure you go to Pagoda and try these delicious additions to our Lunch Menu!

New! This year, parents can order milk for their children through SchoolPay. We will offer 1% low-fat milk in 8 ounce containers to students starting on Monday, September 15, 2014 (Monday, September 29 for Kindergarten students) through Friday, June 19, 2015.
On Friday, January 9, SchoolPay will be open for new lunch orders. Please complete all orders by Thursday, January 15. New lunch orders will begin the week of Feburary 2.
Click here to place new January 2015 lunch orders

Please Note:
  • The Lunch Program runs from September 29, 2014 through June 19, 2015.
  • You will need to order lunch separately for each child enrolled at Heathcote.
  • No refunds will be issued once the Lunch Program begins. Lunch orders that are changed to a more expensive option will result in an additional charge for the difference.
  • All lunch program participants are invited to switch their order once in January. We hope this will give everyone an opportunity to try a variety of new lunch possibilities!
  • The due date to place new lunch orders online is Thursday, January 15.
Please volunteer to help us serve lunch to the students. Enter your name in the yellow spaces of the Heathcote PTA Lunch Sign-up Sheet for the corresponding dates you will volunteer (link below). We need four volunteers per day. On your scheduled day, please arrive at 11:30 AM, pick up a guest sticker from the Main Office, and meet us in the lunchroom. Thank you for participating!
Click here to volunteer for the Lunch Program
If you have any questions about the Lunch Program, please contact Amy Frank.